What is there to know about me?

I decided to make and sell a zine. 

I’ve been writing a blog(s) for the past however long amount of time. What even is time? - Just a way to get to know yourself, I suppose. The first one was for a travel company where I only expressed one very small side of my voice - but where I also began to uncover my voice. The other was under a pseudonym, which got deleted by the person who helped me create it. And then there is my current blog: www.samanthamorganwords.com 

I’m grateful for all of these instances which led me here to create this thing you will soon be holding in your hand, and finally it’s under my real name, Samantha Morgan. It’s time to reclaim myself. This is quite the homecoming; I can once more breathe into the old familiarity of someone I’ve avoided all of my life.

I want to do something different with my writing this time. I want to compile it and make it tangible. I want to make something that others can hold, and reference, and read without a screen. I want to make something that can be given away, or burned, or treasured forever. I want to make something for you, and I guess for me, too. 

I will be speaking on many topics. Mostly about my own experiences and how they shaped my worldview. I don’t claim to know what’s best for the world and all of its people. This isn’t free advice that you just shouldn’t take. 

This is the spilling of guts. 

I decided to be honest. Mostly about love, about sex, about trauma. About pain, about joy, about freedom, about suffering. About hope and despair. About addiction and recovery. About desperation and reverence. All through the lens that I call, I

Let me be clear, I often have no idea what I'm doing, which actually makes me fairly confident to write on the subject of life. I'm not right, you're not wrong, and I have nothing to prove - just something to share. I think it would be a sin - metaphorically speaking, there are no sins here -  to embody consciousness in perhaps a one time only opportunity and not share it with any and everyone.

Why aren't we sharing more of ourselves in bold, authentic ways? How is it we fear exposing ourselves to others more than the fact the avoidance of such is literally destroying us? And of course when I say we this includes myself. 

I cannot know for sure, but I’m writing through it. On these pages I have met myself and even enjoyed her. I hope you will, too. I trust you will read at your own discretion. And please remember, you can keep the parts you like and do away with the rest.